About Silven Recruitment

Here at Silven Recruitment we are devoted to people. Yes we know we are recruiters, we know you think we’re horrible people. In all honesty we’re really quite the opposite. As you’ll see as you get to know us more, we don’t just work for our clients, we work for our candidates as well. We want to make sure that if we are going to place you somewhere that you genuinely want to be there. Just because you fit a role perfectly doesn’t mean that the role fits you, and we understand that.So now we’ve shown you a little bit of how we feel about our work, why don’t we tell you a little about ourselves. Silven recruiters mainly deal with Food and Beverage Manufacturing. We have a long list of major Food & Drink manufacturers we regularly work alongside. To name a few;

  • Coca Cola
  • Muller Wiseman
  • Bakkavor

Now when we say we work with them regularly we mean it. We don’t work with them once and add them to our list, we only name drop when we have built a relationship.

The Silven Recruitment team has a combined experience of over 100 years in food and drink manufacturing recruitment, and most of them have worked as a team between 3 and 10 years (from previous roles, all of which are food and beverage recruitment). In our 100 years of recruitment, we’ve developed thousands of relationships with candidates, and we often maintain communications with our high calibre candidates to make sure they have a role that suits them. In some cases we’ve been dealing with candidates for decades.

When it comes to placing someone, we meet both our clients and candidates to discuss the opportunities available. We reference check, and to be honest this should be taken as read. What sets us apart is we know which candidates look great on paper, but are lying on their CV. Often because we placed their superior. With both time and experience we’ve learnt what is outstanding, and what’s a lie. Who we can trust and who can help you best.

One other advantage we have; whilst we do a huge amount in food recruitment, we’re not partnered with a specific retailer’s Head Office. So if you decide to develop a relationship with us, all your competitors are fair game when we headhunt.

If you feel that you’re ready for a change you should get in touch with us by either ringing us and speaking to one of the team on 0845 003 6872, or get in touch with us via our website


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